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Brazil Offshore, plenty of work down here
This Group is about what its like to work Offshore Brazil, and what to expect.
Group Folder created by Daniel Johnson on 2012/6/19 5:08:10 AM | 0 Groups | 3 Watchers
The Chinese challenge
This is a group for to explore and participate in the new way China is examinating students and new seafarers to work in Chinese Merchant Navy and Shipping companies abroad.
Group created by Lars Erik Brandt on 2012/6/5 8:38:08 AM | 3 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Black Sea Mariners - ex USSR
Welcome to join, unite and share experience. Моряки юга - присоединяйтесь. Поделимся, передадим опыт молодым морякам.
Group created by Aleksander M on 2012/6/11 2:25:28 AM | 2 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
The African Market
Africa, the future maritime destination, this is for group members and potential group members to discuss extensively, argue constructively and analyse African market for maritime businesses and potentials in few years to come. As well read views, opinions of all maritime professionals across the globe about destination Africa regarding to all aspect of maritime and all the sub-sectors.
Group created by AKINJIDE OGUNWALE on 2012/6/1 9:38:21 PM | 1 Member | 0 Library Quick Links
The Indian Scenario
This is group to discuss the emerging shipbuilding and shipdesign scene in India
Group created by PRADEEP KUMAR on 2012/6/5 3:58:30 AM | 2 Members | 0 Library Quick Links