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This area contains groups devoted to working on specific kinds of vessels. Please join the groups that interest you, or create a group if there is no appropriate group already. ... << Less

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LNG tankers
All topics relevant to existing LNG tankers and future development as FSRU and LNG bunkering facilities
Group created by Frederic Decaluwe on 2012/7/28 10:32:01 AM | 11 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Oil and Chemical Tanker
Group created by Jasdeep Singh on 2012/6/15 5:12:26 AM | 9 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Cruise Line Ships
Cruise Line Ships
Group created by Constantin Caraus on 2012/6/6 7:33:26 AM | 5 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Ro/Ro Ferries
Please join if you work (or want to) in the ferry sector
Group created by Murray Goldberg on 2012/6/4 1:24:25 AM | 5 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Inland tugs - Pushboats
Work boats, line haul, harbor assist tugs and others
Group created by Don Bolger on 2012/6/15 12:16:27 PM | 4 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
Online Maritime Education all vessels
Post discuss, question--All topics relating to online maritime training. Experiences, helps, suggestions, whereto to go? Need help? This group is for you. Getting ahead with education --this group is for you.
Group created by Virginia Harper on 2013/10/24 8:50:45 PM | 2 Members | 0 Library Quick Links
All topics related to Offshore Support Vessel
Group created by Goh Boon Tiong on 2013/9/1 3:37:03 PM | 1 Member | 0 Library Quick Links