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7 Answers
difficult anchor application
The owners of the tug and barge I run want advice on what sort of chain and anchor to install but frankly I don't know enough about the subject to say. I wonder if anyone has experience they would care to share, or knows of ​a good reference article. The application is a river moving at 5 knots over a stone and cobble bottom with patches of smooth bedrock. I'm inclined to think an Admiralty anchor might work but don't know if that's true or if it is what sort of weight to use. The barge displaces displaces 75 Tonnes and we routinely carry ...
Question asked by david johnstone on 2014/2/11 12:24:22 AM | 7 Answers
2 Replies
Lifebuoy expiry date
Hello! This is my first time posting. While carrying out the monthly inspection of lifebuoys on board, I found out that ours were fabricated in 1997. I am wondering if they do not have an expiry date. Visual inspection is fine and yearly inspection apparently fine too, carried out on board. I have been searching through internet for a regulation or recommendation, but I found nothing! O.o Anybody knows? Thank you very much :)
Discussion by Sara Gerster on 2012/12/9 11:44:55 AM | 2 Replies | 3323 Views
1 Answer
Checklist for posters displayed CCR and GMDSS Radio Station
Good morning everyone :) I was just wondering if anyone had a checklist for the posters that should be displayed in the CCR and in the GMDSS console. The company I was working for before had a good checklist, but this one has not any and I am afraid I may be forgetting something... Thank you in advance~
Question asked by Sara Gerster on 2013/6/21 1:35:30 AM | 1 Answer
1 Answer
induction motors
what wires touches in the winding of the induction motor
Question asked by Alex Raiuklur on 2012/6/18 5:26:42 AM | 1 Answer