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Nautical Science
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Discussion Folder created by Balaji Kanagarajan on 2014/3/21 4:57:22 PM | 0 Discussions | 0 Watchers
Nauticle Science
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Discussion Folder created by Balaji Kanagarajan on 2014/3/21 4:47:14 PM | 0 Discussions | 0 Watchers
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Marine Electrician USA
Hi, i'm currently a QMED oiler, but would like to know a realistic route to becoming a Marine Electrician. Can anyone advise on how this might be done. Any advise on ways to to recieve the training and/or experience would be greatly welcomed! Thanks. Gary
Question asked by Gary Richards on 2015/3/24 9:44:46 AM | 1 Answer
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Cadet Berths
Hi all, This is an open invitation to all the mentors to give advice to those of us polywogs seeking cadet berths in the various industries. Below are some examples of the topics I would appreciate advice on. How best to pursue cadet berths, keeping in mind citizenship restrictions. What companies actively taken on cadets. Dos and don'ts of being a cadet. Networking advice. Your experience as a cadet. Is it difficult to get a job an industry that you did not do cadet time in? In other words, if I do my cadet berths on cargo vessels or ...
Discussion by Margaret Krzyzelewski on 2014/11/24 4:32:48 PM | 0 Replies | 576 Views
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State of New York (SUNY) Maritime College Master of Science in International Transportation Management
Please visit us at click admissions click graduate admissions See options for Supply Chain Management Certificate and 3rd Deck License option for US Citizens email: tel: 718 409 2258
Discussion by Robert Wolf on 2013/2/26 5:25:17 PM | 0 Replies | 620 Views
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Norwegian Maritime Education System
I'm asking to all Norwegian Mentors, could you help me to answer the following questions? 1. Discuss the Norwegian Maritime Educational System. 2.How do they educate their seafarers to become an OIC-NW and what are the processes that one has to take to become a Master
Discussion by vera christine dadula on 2012/8/14 1:06:13 AM | 0 Replies | 677 Views
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Is there any training institution in Nigeria that offers the ISPS Course ?
Discussion by Akinsola Johnson on 2012/6/18 7:29:26 PM Last modified on 2012/6/19 9:54:29 PM | 0 Replies | 655 Views
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steam and boilers
Where do I find required teaching resources on steam and boilers
Question asked by Alex Raiuklur on 2012/6/8 6:38:01 AM | 1 Answer