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Ship yards
Anything to do with (or working at) shipyards
Discussion Folder created by Jacob Wesenberg-Lund on 2012/6/5 7:15:47 PM | 0 Discussions | 7 Watchers
Vessels (Anything to do with ...)
A place to discuss construction, classification, repair, etc - anything to do with vessels.
Discussion Folder created by Murray Goldberg on 2012/6/4 1:25:21 AM | 4 Discussions | 18 Watchers
Maritime Job Openings
Post any maritime job opening here! Just click "Create Discussion".
Discussion Folder created by Murray Goldberg on 2012/6/4 1:13:58 AM | 11 Discussions | 22 Watchers
Maritime Careers
Discussions about maritime careers
Discussion Folder created by Murray Goldberg on 2012/5/30 9:31:32 PM | 5 Discussions | 21 Watchers
Maritime Schools
Discussions about maritime schools
Discussion Folder created by Murray Goldberg on 2012/5/30 9:31:07 PM | 6 Discussions | 18 Watchers
71 Replies
Introduce yourself here!
Welcome one and all. I am Murray Goldberg, CEO of Marine Learning Systems and the architect (and maintainer) of the Maritime Mentoring site. I'd like to thank all of the amazing mentor volunteers for providing their expertise to the next generation of maritime professional. Please join our site, introduce yourself here (by replying to this message), and then start asking, mentoring, discussing, answering, connecting, sharing, and in general making the maritime community the best it can possibly be! Best regards - Murray
Discussion by Murray Goldberg on 2012/5/28 10:57:46 PM Last modified on 2012/6/20 6:52:53 AM | 71 Replies | 2777 Views
2 Answers
Delivering a Ship Panama - Canada
Hello- I recently became a mate, and I am currently working as a 2nd mate on the Great Lakes in Canada. I will be joining a new ship in Panama in October to bring her up to Canada. I have never worked outside of the Great Lakes, so I was wondering what kind of information I should maybe look up/practice before this voyage. (ie. azimuths, or publications, tide tables). Just some things that would be useful to know for this voyage. Thanks! Kelsey
Question asked by Kelsey Wade on 2015/8/4 11:40:49 PM | 2 Answers
7 Replies
Hello group I am John Grace. I have been in the marine industry for over forty years and can offer knowledge and guidance on the functioning of the industry and, with a specialty in Electrical Engineering am willing to act as mentor to those in need. If anyone needs guidance/ support/ advice on matters relative to electrical engineering, ship operations, ship construction please do not hesitate to contact me.
Discussion by JOHN GRACE on 2012/12/23 8:24:25 PM | 7 Replies | 753 Views
0 Replies
Welcome to new users!
We seem to be getting more popular! I am so excited! Welcome to all new users. *Please* do the following to make your time in our community as productive for you as possible: To get started as a protege you need to do four things: 1) Edit your account profile. We require you to add an image, and fill out your description so people know who you are. This is important - but say only whatever you are comfortable saying. 2) Look for a Mentor. You can do this whenever you are ready - no rush. To do so, click the “Find a Mentor” button on the hom ...
Discussion by Murray Goldberg on 2014/3/27 8:10:16 PM | 0 Replies | 552 Views
6 Answers
Merchant Mariner Credential Medical Evaluation Report CG719K
I need to have the above physical exam for admittance to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. My Univ. of Iowa , primary care physician will not perform the exam and states "it's functional exam which she can not do." The coast guard has told me any, will say M.D., can perform this exam. I am confused and can't seem to get help from GLMA and I think my doctor is intimidated by the CG71K forms. This is really throwing a wrench in my enrollment process. Where can I get this exam done? Thank-you from seameshine posted 12/12/13
Question asked by Michele Schoberg on 2013/12/12 8:46:31 PM | 6 Answers
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