applying for job

Dear sir

I have be at home since i came down from vessel, i cant find any job ,
please sir if you may use your contact to help me for a job i will be very


asked by DURU NDIDI on 2012/7/13 11:11:20 PM
Last modified on 2012/7/17 3:49:54 PM


applying for job
Hi Duru, There is so much you can with your field experience other than going back to sea. You can work shipyards, dock inspection, and of course a very lucrative profession, marine surveying. You can perhaps take an online course in learning manifests and technology. Visit LLOYD'S OF London website for an excellent listing of maritime professions. I would however, think Education, Education, Education. you can also visit the classified sections of maritime newsletters including those published by this website and look for ideas from the classified listings. I look forward to seeing what others have to offer you. Kind regards.
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