Delivering a Ship Panama - Canada


I recently became a mate, and I am currently working as a 2nd mate on the Great Lakes in Canada. I will be joining a new ship in Panama in October to bring her up to Canada. I have never worked outside of the Great Lakes, so I was wondering what kind of information I should maybe look up/practice before this voyage. (ie. azimuths, or publications, tide tables). Just some things that would be useful to know for this voyage. Thanks! Kelsey
asked by Kelsey Wade on 2015/8/4 11:40:49 PM
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Delivering a Ship Panama - Canada
I will be going out as a third mate. And imagine it will be a ship with Ecdis and paper charts, which if not already up to date, should be once I arrive in Panama.
Delivering a Ship Panama - Canada
Good Day
What rank mate, the mate? or 2nd or third mate.
From Panama to Canada, which ever route you choose you will have to study up the Right Whale, Of the coast of America there are seasonal Migration Areas where vessels have to 1 Avoid, 2 Slow down near, 3 report sightings. Hefty fine for hitting one.
Next there is the question of charts, are you using ecdis or Paper, if Ecdis, have you got all the permissives, and corrections.
for a first time out of the lakes area, brush up on buoyage, ROR, you probably know them but there may be some things different at deep sea. and DO NOT become one of those people who call up to discuss action on VHF, be confident in your knowledge and do what the rules say. In plenty of time. and remember, there is always a captain to call upon.
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