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2012 Maritime Salary Review
How much do mariners and shore-based workers make? Read the report here from 2012.
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Alert! - Improving awareness of the human element in the maritime industry
A unique resource of professional Maritime articles and bulletins, FREE and available to all.
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BIMCO is the oldest of the international shipping associations, comprising a membership of a broad range of stakeholders with vested interests in the shipping industry, including ship-owners, managers, brokers and agents. The shipowner segment alone operates about 65 per cent of the world’s merchant fleet measured in deadweight tonnage. The association’s main objective is to facilitate the commercial operations of its global membership through the provision of quality information and advice, education and training. While promoting fair business ...
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Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Code
Regulations applicable to Cargo Vessels under 500GRT trading within the Caribbean. Adopted by the Caribbean MOU.
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Evolution of SLICE technology to satisfy the HSC Code
Technical Paper outlining the design changes required of the Lockheed Martin SLICE to satisfy the HSC code and commercial requirements. Presented/publish at RINA Conf. Shanghai, China, 2007
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Home - Chamber of Shipping
The Chamber of Shipping is the trade association for the UK shipping industry, working to promote and protect the interests of its members both nationally & internationally. The Chamber works with Government, Parliament, international orgs, unions & the general public on behalf of the sectors.
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Home - Nautilus International
Home - Nautilus International Jump to the contentHomeAbout UsNews & EventsAt WorkCampaignsNoticesTime OutResourcesWelfareMembership text only versionEnglishDutchWelcome to Nautilus International We are the union for maritime professionals at sea and ashore. We are an independent, campaigning and progressive organisation that speaks up for seafarers and protects m
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Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping
Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping Welcome to Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce, Industry & ShippingSkip to Content | Accessibility | Sitemap | RSS Feeds SearchContact us: 01482 324976 / 01472 342981HomeThe ChamberAbout the ChamberHistoryHull and East Yorkshire OfficeNorthern Lincolnshire OfficeBoardKey StaffPatronsAcorn FundHull City Cent
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Maritime Accident Casebook
Maritime Accident Casebook features maritime safety issues and is known for its podcasts which feature accidents as stories with lessons to learn.
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Maritime London - About us
Maritime London - About us Maritime London 38 St Mary Axe London EC3A 8BH Telephone +44 20 7929 4999 EmailMaritime LondonAbout usOverviewMembersGovernanceJoinMaritime ServicesRelocationNewsEventsCadet ScholarshipOverview Maritime London is a not for profit promotional body for UK based companies which provi
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