AssociCom is a web-based application designed specifically for professional associations. Its goal is to build a stronger association by

  • Enabling the establishment of deeper professional relationships among your membership, and between your members and the executive/management.
  • Creating opportunities for learning and collaboration.
  • Providing both the executive and the members with unprecedented insight into the issues, needs and concerns of the others.
  • Allowing your association (rather than an external site such as Facebook or LinkedIn) to play the central role in the establishment of a stronger community of members.

Although AssociCom is delivered as a SaaS solution (hosted by AssociCom for your association), it is a closed site, private to the executive, management and members of your association.

AssociCom is different. We are specifically built for professional associations, we make it very easy for you to try AssociCom immediately, we have open, simple and affordable pricing (with no installation or customization fees), and we place a tremendous amount of control into your hands to configure and design your AssociCom network any way you like, as often as you like.

AssociCom was created by a group of people passionate about professional networking and learning systems. The founder of AssociCom is a world pioneer in the area of online learning and academic social networking.